Aquaplane swimming aid, kick board and back float

Build your childs' water Confidence and Technique, with AquaPlane

Aquaplane swimming aid, kick board and back float

Aquaplane is a unique 3 in 1 swimming aid that covers all of the main stages of a child’s swimming development. Kids fly through swimming with the brilliant Aquaplane combined back float & kick board.

aquaplane back float kick board swimming aid

Develop water confidence DEVELOP WATER CONFIDENCE
Achieve correct body position ACHIEVE CORRECT SWIMMING POSITION
Straps adjust to fit STRAPS ADJUST TO FIT
Does not restrict movement WON'T RESTRICT MOVEMENT

Designed & Endorsed by Professionals

Chris Shore designed AquaPlane to help children learn to swim more effectively
Designed by Chris Shore
Swimming Instructor, B.Sc Hons Coaching Studies

"I just had to design this product as nothing else was giving my students the support they needed. Confidence in the water is vital to get the swimmer off to a good start. Our product does this and so much more..."
Chris Cook Olympic Swimmer endorses AquaPlane
Endorsed by Chris Cook
Olympic Swimmer for TeamGB Athens ‘04 & Beijing ’08

"Our swimmers love the freedom the AquaPlane gives them in the water. It works wonders for their technique."
Daniel Coombs commonwealth swimmer endorses AquaPlane
Endorsed by Dan Coombs
Commonwealth Finalist Delhi ‘10 & Swimming Instructor

"I use AquaPlane to help children increase confidence and adopt the correct body position when learning to swim."
Aquaplane is Endorsed by Puddle Ducks

Aquaplane is endorsed by Puddle Ducks. Puddle Ducks teach over 20,000 children to swim across 34 locations in the UK.


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